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PM Modi said: All the forts were destroyed due to the ego of Congress

BJP’s star campaigner Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tornado campaign is continuing with Karnataka elections PM Modi has four rallies on Saturday.

Narendra Modi’s first rally took place in Tumkur, where he targeted Congress and Rahul Gandhi. After Tumkur, PM Modi organized another rally in Gadkari. During this, Modi said that Congress will have a new identity after the Karnataka elections. After 15th May the Congress will be known as Punjab Puducherry family Congress.

After this, PM Modi addressed an election rally in Shivamogya of Chikmagalur and described the corruption as synonyms of Congress. At the same time, like the British, Congress accused the government of splitting in the name of caste and religion.

Addressing the Mangaluru rally at the same time, PM Modi said that ever since the Panchayat to the Parliament, till now the state has been reduced to some states. The ego of the Congress had reached the seventh sky, so one by one all the forts collapsed.

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8:35 pm (IST)

PM Modi says- There has now been some states which have ruled from Panchayat to Parliamat till now have been reduced to some states. The ego of the Congress had reached the seventh sky so that one after another all the forts collapsed.


8:34 pm (IST)

PM Modi said, the mental balance of the Congress has deteriorated. Congressmen questioned the EC on surgical strikes, and blamed the EVM on losing the elections.


8:33 pm (IST)

PM Modi said, when I talk about the issue of cleanliness, the Congress makes fun of me, if I talk of building toilets then they make fun of me.


 8:28 pm (IST)
Updated: May 6, 2018 — 2:13 pm

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