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In the Raichur, PM Modi said: In the morning and evening, Modi … the Congress does not have any agenda except for abusing the person.

New Delhi: In Karnataka, PM Narendra Modi said that the enthusiasm of Raichur in such a heat, the enthusiasm, sitting in AC rooms, is the answer to those who talk of the hung assembly. He said that democracy is paramount in public life. You ordered, I assumed. He said that this election is going to decide who will change the future of Karnataka, the fate of the youth, farmers and mothers and sisters here. PM Modi said that what is happening in the world in the world is being cheered by the people of the country. He said that the mining mafia has now taken the entire Karnataka account. I will fight against corruption

रायूचर में पीएम मोदी ने कहा- सुबह-शाम मोदी..मोदी..मोदी को गाली देने के अलावा कांग्रेस के पास कोई एजेंडा नहीं

Karnataka Election: Amit Shah said, here Siddaramaaya and Pakistan Government is doing it Tipu-Tipu. The Prime Minister said that in such days, did any Congress leader give his account for five years? Apart from abusing Mr. Modi, Modi, Modi in the morning and early morning, the Congress has no agenda. It’s time to give a farewell to such a Congress. He said that on one side there is a BJP which is trying to prevent corruption, on the other hand, the protector of corruption in Congress.

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Karnataka: PM Modi said in Chitradurga, Congress is celebrating the birth anniversary of Sultans. He said that we took steps to give constitutional authority to the OBC Commission, but the anti-Dalit and anti-OBC Congress did not allow that bill to pass in the Rajya Sabha. It should be punished in Karnataka. Congress party has launched a campaign to lie, I urge you to keep awake till the election. He said that for 70 years of independence the Congress Party has worked to douse the eyes of this country.

Siddaramaiah government has become ‘corruption tanks’ for Congress: PM Modi
PM Modi said that the ration was not available to the poor and the contractors were robbed in the name of the poor, it was the ecosystem of the Congress. We prevent the theft of 80 thousand crore rupees through DBT. He said that the Congress is angry that Modi came and locked all the shops of dishonesty and now these shops are going to be closed in Karnataka.

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